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Section 1: What is the Gothic Cruise

We are not a Festival. The Gothic Cruise is a vacation experience. We are a group of people with common interests on a cruise. Music. We have our own private events and concerts onboard the ship making this a unique, one of a kind vacation experience in our scene. 

Section 2: Pricing and Booking Questions

No. In order to attend our gothic cruise events and concerts... you must book through All Genre Travel.

Section 3: Attire, Smoking, and ships onboard policies

No. We do not have a fetish event onboard this ship. However, club attire is allowed during the 1am to 4am Club Goth at Sea private parties.

Section 4: Can I DJ on the cruise, or My Band play on the Gothic Cruise?

1. Cruises are planned a year and a half in advance. NO exceptions. We cannot add last minute shows.

Section 5: Customs, Passports and Legal Information

If you are resident of the USA, you do NOT need a passport. You will need at least a certified copy of your state issued birth certificate with valid photo i.d. such as a drivers license.

Section 6: Gothic Cruise Organizers

Zaida - Owner of the Original Gothic Cruise - is what our office now dubs as a gothic-rivet head. Agency Owner and stompy boot addict. She has 20+ years of experience in the travel industry and has logged over 37 cruises. She has worked for Triple AAA, Cendant and American Airlines. She is also a certified travel agent trainer for Sabre. She is the event organizer and owner. Hires the bands, schedules all the activities and works with the sponsors.

Section 7: Gothic Cruise Sponsors

Carpe Nocturne Magazine:

Carpe Nocturne is a quarterly (every 3 months) on-line publication run by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. We focus on "The New Dark Culture" including the music, art and culture of the Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synth-Pop, and related genres. Band and DJ interviews, spotlights and more. 

Section 8: Can I book directly with the Cruise Line?


In order to attend gothic cruise private events, concerts, access our private dining or private shore excursions – all reservations must come through All Genre Travel, or . If you book directly with Cruise Line you will be denied access to all private events/functions and perks (like free ship credit).

Section 9: What are shore excursions?

Shore excursions are optional side trips at each port of call. You do not have to pay any type of service fee or money to get on or off the ship at each port of call and do your own thing. Some people in our group get off in smaller groups of their own and just go sight-seeing.

We do offer private shore excursions for our group only which is an additional charge. You will find a link to shore excursions on the main menu bar by clicking on Events tab above.

Section 10: Need a Roommate?

Can you find me a roommate?

Yes, if you book far enough in advance. It’s best to call to see if we have a roommate available. There is also a roommate section on our gothic cruise forum at: it is important to realize that all roommate fares are completely nonrefundable once booked, since the cruise line charges for two in cabin. We strongly recommend insurance in case you have to cancel. Roommates are paired same gender only. If you are open to sharing with the opposite sex... then you need to post your own roommate ad on the forum.

Section 11: What are the Cancelation Policies?

Cancelation Policies: Travel Insurance Strongly Recommended

Section 12: The extra’s: drink cards, spa services or ground transfers?

How far in advance can I add extras?

Once booked you can add most extra’s about 10 months in advance.

Section 13: When & How do I print my cruise tickets?

1. Cruise tickets are only available at 45 days prior to sailing for the gothic cruise due to the size of our group.

2. You will need to create a free Royal Caribbean to access your booking.

3. You must complete your online check in before you can print your cruise tickets. 

4. To complete your online check in, you must log into your reservation as noted in step 2.

5. Once you have completed your online check in, the site will prompt you to print your tickets.

Every time you log into your reservation at you will see a link to your to do list on the mid-left of the screen.

Note: You can complete your online check in up to 10 months prior to sailing. However you will not be able to print your tickets until the sailing is 45 days away.

Section 14: What's included and not included?

Important Items and Rules you may not be aware of

Each year the gothic cruise gets more and more new cruisers. Many people have never traveled or cruised before.. and sometimes. you can get a little carried away with the festivities. Totally understandable.. but there are some rules that everyone needs to be aware of.

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