This is the Original Gothic Cruise founded in 1989.

The Annual Gothic Cruise and Masquerade Ball remains a unique event taking place yearly. The first gothic cruise, started under the name Travelwaves Intl LLC in 1989, which is now known as All Genre Travel. Our gothic cruise remains unique and unrivaled as the first and original gothic cruise. The first gothic cruise sailed on The Big Red Boat by Premier Cruise Lines in 1989 and has continued to grow with each sailing. In 2007, All Genre Travel removed all outside affiliations with hosting agencies, and is now wholly owned and operated by the gothic cruise founder - Zaida Browne. 

Each gothic cruise is led personally by Zaida Bourque - Agency Owner, a bonded/licensed travel agent, rather than some group leader with no agency experience or training. Zaida has been active to semi active (family permitting in later years) in the gothic scene since the early to mid 80’s. Zaida and her “crew” attend every single gothic cruise to insure all events and concerts run smoothly. 

In 1989 the first gothic cruise sailed out with just 5 couples. By 1994, we were sailing with an average of 120 people per sailing. Adding more and more events to each sailing. From 1995 to 2003 we sailed with an average of 140 people each year. The gothic cruise had sailed on Premier Cruise Lines, Regal Cruise Lines, and Royal Caribbean Cruise lines thus far.

From 2004-2006 The gothic cruise unfortunately was unable to sail. 2004 and 2005 were not scheduled as we wanted to try something new with a live band onboard. The 2006 Gothic Cruise with Collide was canceled due to hurricane Katrina causing a cruise berth shortage in the cruise industry.

In 2007 the gothic cruise sailed with its first live band VNV Nation on the Carnival Glory from Port Canaveral Florida. This was the first sailing of the gothic cruise to ever sail on Carnival Cruise Lines as a pre-existing group. All previous cruises and references were verified by Carnival Large Groups and Incentives before such a vast undertaking could be started. Due the fantastic success of this cruise, Carnival Invited us back with increased concessions! The 2007 Cruise sailed with 211 passengers and had grown to 16 onboard events! 


2007 Gothic Cruise #12: VNV Nation. 211 attended. 

Carnival Glory - Roundtrip Pt Canaveral FL

2008 Gothic Cruise #13: Combichrist, Red Flag, Phase Theory, Asmodeus X. 

Carnival Glory - Roundtrip Pt Canaveral FL 174 people sailed

2009 Gothic Cruise #14: Cruxshadows, Modulate, Cruciform Injection, State of the Union. 

Carnival Legend - Roundtrip Tampa FL 130 people sailed

2010 Gothic Cruise #15: Covenant, Cruxshadows, Funker Vogt, Du Pont, Panzer AG & Prognosis 

Carnival Liberty - Roundtrip Miami FL 232 people sailed

2011 Gothic Cruise #16: God Module, Imperative Reaction, System Syn. 

Norwegian Sun - Roundtrip Pt Canaveral FL 89 people sailed (recession cruise!)

2012 Gothic Cruise #17: VNV Nation Icon of Coil, Aesthetic Perfection, SITD 291 people sailed

Roya Caribbean – Explorer of the Seas. Roundtrip Bayonne NJ to Bermuda. At the Worlds End in the Devils Triangle!

2013 Gothic Cruise #18: Ayria, Bella Morte, 00tz 00tz, Sonik Foundry 

Royal Caribbean – Freedom of the Seas. Roundtrip Port Canaveral 142 people sailed

2014 Gothic Cruise #19: VNV Naiton, VNV Classic, Cruxshadows, Ego Likeness, Ayria, Bella Morte, Rain Within 

Carnival Breeze - Roundtrip Miami 265 people sailed

2015 Gothic Cruise #20: Angels & Agony, Ego Likeness, Velvet Acid Christ, Stoneburner 

Carnival Dream - Roundtrip New Orleans 147 people sailed

2016 Gothic Cruise #21 Gothsicles, Stoneburner and Voltaire (Voltaire was a last minute addition)

Carnival Legend. Roundtrip Seattle SPECIAL ALASKA CRUISE. 68 people sailed

2017 Gothic Cruise #22 Covenant, Haujobb, Lights of Euphoria, Hopeful Machines

Carnival Miracle. Roundtrip Long Beach CA

2018 Gothic Cruise #23: The Birthday Massacre, Diary of Dreams, iVardensphere and The Rain Within

Carnival Glory. Roundtrip Miami FL

2019 Gothic Cruise #24: Das Ich, Grendel, Ego Likeness, FGFC820, The Rain Within

Carnival Conquest. Roundtrip Miami FL

Currently we are planning future cruises that will go to: Deep Southern Caribbean from San Juan, Alaska, Northern Europe with Russia, British Isles and a Mediterranean Cruise with the Egyptian Pyramids. So keep checking back for these wonderful Itineraries!