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Carpe Nocturne Magazine:

Carpe Nocturne is a quarterly (every 3 months) on-line publication run by volunteers of all ages and backgrounds from around the world. We focus on "The New Dark Culture" including the music, art and culture of the Goth, Industrial, EBM, Synth-Pop, and related genres. Band and DJ interviews, spotlights and more. 

In past issues/years we have covered and interviewed artists such as The Cruxshadows, Bella Morte, The Last Dance, Chiasm, Ayria, Android Lust, Chemlab, Das Ich, Infomatic, The Birthday Massacre, Voltaire, Iris, Ego Likeness, Combichrist, and many, many more! Carpe Nocturne was a strong supporter of The Blacksun Festival for 3 years, a Supporter/Co-Sponsor of the Eccentrik Festival (2 Years) and the Dark Star Festival (1 Yr). and most recently the Southern Gothic Festival. Carpe Nocturne Magazine covers events, shows and topics relating to all aspects of the Goth, Industrial, EBM, IDM, Darkwave and other related genres across North America and through parts of Europe. 

In addition to the musical reviews, interviews and coverage, Carpe Nocturne also had monthly features such as The DJ Booth (Spotlighting and interviewing Popular DJs of the world), ARTS (showing the amazing talents of the New Dark Culture), Body Art, Fashion, Horror, Comics and more. 

If you have a love for, dedication to and desire to support this scene and culture, Carpe Nocturne is ALWAYS seeking (experienced or not, age and location not important) writers/reviewers/photographers/graphic designers from around the world to be part of our all volunteer staff sharing our love for and with The New Dark Culture!