Attire, Smoking, and ships onboard policies

EBM Concerts and Fetish Events??! 

No. We do not have a fetish event onboard this ship. However, club attire is allowed during the 1am to 4am Club Goth at Sea private parties.

What about Dress Code and Gothic Clothing?

Club wear should be kept to the Club Goth at Sea parties which take place every night except our last night from 1am to 4am in a private lounge. For formal nights many go to dinner in Victorian Garb though we advise against hoop skirts due to the close proximity of the tables.

Vampire, industrial, or gothic wear is ALLOWED throughout the cruise. Deck party attire should not be more revealing then a bikini. Nudity at anytime outside of your cabin is a no-no.

Due to federal security laws, you cannot bring on any clothing that contains simulated weapons such as: bullet belts, grenade belts, handcuffs sewn into pants or any other weapon or blade used as clothing accents.

What is the drinking age onboard the ship?

The drinking age onboard the cruise ship is 21 years. However some ports of call may have a drinking age of 18.

What about Alcohol and Age Stuff? 

You cannot bring alcohol aboard the ship on your first day of arrival. Alcohol you purchase at the ports of call, will be taken by the cruise line into their secured marshaling area, and returned to you on the last night of the cruise. 

You must be 18 to enter ANY gothic cruise event except the deck parties and the pre/post cruise parties. If you are under the age of 21, then at least one person in your cabin on the ship must be over the age of 25. The exception is legaly married couples or active duty military.

What about smoking?

Smoking is NOT allowed in cabins or on your private balconies, and is only allowed in designated smoking areas on the ship.