The extra’s: drink cards, spa services or ground transfers?

How far in advance can I add extras?

Once booked you can add most extra’s about 10 months in advance.

The easiest way to add optional items is to create a free Royal Caribbean account tied into your reservation!

To reserve advance spa packages you MUST have a Royal Caribbean account and be logged in.

To create an account visit: and click create account at top.

OR click here:

Ground Transfers?

Round trip shuttles between the airport and the ship. You cannot use these in conjunction with our pre or post hotel parties. However if you are arriving the day you board the ship, and flying home the day the ship returns, then you call or email me to add Royal Caribbean’s direct airport shuttle. If you have a Royal Caribbean log in, you can also add the shuttles from your carnival dashboard.

Adding Drink Cards, Soda Cards, Internet plans, cabin decorations by Royal Caribbean:

Go to: Hover over Manage, then click on In Room Gifts and Shopping

This is where you can also request birthday cakes for someone’s birthday.

What other things can I do in advance, once I have logged into my reservation?

You can do all the above PLUS you can you reserve a salon appointment, make reservations for a specialty dining restaurant, add airport transfers, download the Royal Caribbean Hub and more. Once you physically log in, it will take you to a landing page with all of your of your options. (don’t miss the small print options on the left side of the screen)

NOTE: Advertised shore excursions on your Royal Caribbean account are NOT part of our group. They are not our private excursions. You will find those on the events link on our website.