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What is the Gothic Cruise?

We are not a Festival. The Gothic Cruise is a vacation experience. We are a group of people with common interests on a cruise. Music. We have our own private events and concerts onboard the ship making this a unique, one of a kind vacation experience in our scene. 

Each cruise has its own theme for that year and up to 15 private events including our concerts from bands who will sail with us for the entire cruise.

But What if I'm Not Gothic!??

Do you need to be Goth? No. If you love the bands, like people and want to join in – you are more then welcomed. In addition to the gothic cruise events, there are a still many events and activities  such as Las Vegas Style shows, Comedy Club, other music reviews and shows, jacuzzis, pools, gym, sports court, movies and more. You wont be board. But we think you’ll find us gothic cruisers so fun and friendly, you’ll want to stay in our events anyway! 

In order to attend gothic cruise private events, concerts, access our private dining or private shore excursions – all reservations must come through All Genre Travel, or . If you book directly with Carnival you will be denied access to all private events/functions and perks (like free ship credit).