Important Items and Rules you may not be aware of

Each year the gothic cruise gets more and more new cruisers. Many people have never traveled or cruised before.. and sometimes. you can get a little carried away with the festivities. Totally understandable.. but there are some rules that everyone needs to be aware of.


Please see rules at the bottom on this.

1. Please remember that we are on a cruise ship with other normies/muggles not part of our group. For that reason, we ask that you please keep your language neat and tidy in public areas of the ship and be aware of the types of logos you are wearing on your clothes. (please don’t wear clothes with foul language printed on it or clothing that depicts the desecration of religious persons).

By Cruise Line Policy and Contract with All Genre Travel: Persons not booked into our gothic cruise group by All Genre Travel may not enter our private parties under any circumstances. You may not invite any regular passenger into our private parties. They will be removed by ships security. This rule is strictly enforced.

2. Nudity or sexual behavior of any type is not allowed anywhere on the ship at any time (besides your cabin of course) - not even our private parties. Such behavior can have you disembarked at the next cruise port or confined to your cabin under the captains order. Notes: Body Paint or electrical tape is not considered clothing. Having sex on your balcony is considered public exposure and is illegal.

3. Club Wear. Yes you can wear club wear on the ship. Extreme club wear, or clothing that pushes limits needs to be kept to our private parties. (But you still cannot violate rule number 2 :)

4. Drinking on board: Drinking age is 21 on the ship. The drinking age at the ports of call is subject to local laws. If you become over intoxicated, the cruise line has the right to stop serving you alcohol. If you purchase the cheers card onboard, repeated over intoxication can have your cheers card shut off with the inability to purchase alcohol for the rest of the cruise. Moderation.. Moderation..! 

You are considered over intoxicated if:

1. You don’t know where you are

2. You cannot walk safely on your own – holding up a wall does not count.

3. You cannot speak or articulate clearly – or your talking jibberish

4. You cease to follow cruise line or gothic rules

5. You are a danger to yourself or others.

6. You have decided your signficant others purse is the new toilet.

7. You have become so loud, obnoxious, unruly and touchy/feely that people are rooting for you to fall down.

5. Moshing is not allowed. Bands will stop the concert as this is a violation of Carnival policy. Please remember you are on a cruise ship in the ocean. There is NO solid ground under you.

5A: Violence of any type is strictly forbidden. You CAN be arrested on a cruise ship by the captain’s security, confined to your cabin or the brig, and turned over to authorities at the next port of call. (that’s not good in some places, like mexico people). Any type of physical fighting, domestic violence will result not just in legal action by Carnival, but you will be permanently banned by the Gothic Cruise.

6. Shorts Spikes, collars, floggers, armor rings, handcuffs.. etc: Most things you can bring onboard with no problem.. but PLEASE.. put these in your checked baggage! Please do not try to get through port security wearing spikes and armor rings.. or a lot of metal. It irritates homeland security and makes boarding extremely difficult. 

Due to federal homeland security laws.. there are some items that you cannot bring onboard. These items will be confiscated by the police, and destroyed, you will not get them back. Such items include:

Any type of handcuffs - fake, plastic, real or otherwise. This includes the handcuffs on your tripp pants.

Any type of simulated weapons: Plastic water guns included. Sorry.. I know water guns are popular for Rocky.

Someone once lost a belt buckle that was shaped like a gun as well.

Cane Swords, Pocket Knives

Scissors larger then personal grooming scissors

Nonlabled prescription medications

If you have syringes for medications, you need to bring your doctors prescription for them.

Bullet Belts, GRENAID BELTS - or any jewlery/accessories that depict weaponry are strictly not allowed. DO NOT attempt to enter the cruise port with these items.

7. Marijuana and illegal drugs – NOT tolerated.

Jamaica. Weed is NOT legal here folks. And the Jamaica government posts signs everywhere stating such. It is a fact that weed is everywhere here and is a problem – but it is NOT legal. That being said if you take a tour to the Bob Marley compound, it is ONLY “allowed” inside the fence if you buy it from the compound. Notice I said its “allowed” not legal.

Weed is illegal on all the other caribbean islands. 

If you bring ANY illegal drug onto a cruise ship, you are now guilty of international drug trafficking and smuggling. Generally you are charged in the country you are busted in. However, if seriousness enough you can be be charged by all countried involved, including the country the ship is registered to. For USA Citizens, the USA has the right to charge you AFTER another country is done with you. 

You will have to pass through security at each port of call to get back onboard the ship. When leaving the ship, please make sure you carry your cruise card and your photo i.d with you.

Note: You cannot bring back Cuban cigars, fresh flowers or fresh fruits/vegetables into the US from the ship. (you can bring them onboard.. but once back in the USA, you cannot take them off the ship)