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Section 6:
The Gothic Cruise Organizers

Zaida - Owner of the Original Gothic Cruise - is what our office now dubs as a gothic-rivet head. Agency Owner and stompy boot addict. She has 20+ years of experience in the travel industry and has logged over 37 cruises. She has worked for Triple AAA, Cendant and American Airlines. She is also a certified travel agent trainer for Sabre. She is the event organizer and owner. Hires the bands, schedules all the activities and works with the sponsors.

Jon is more Goth then Gothic. He is big into metal and industrial though he does have a few favorites in the gothic scene.
Jon runs behind Zaida and insures she doesnt have a nervous breakdown as deadlines approach! Jon is now responsible for event security for would be party crashers outside of our group. He assists with band equipment inventories. He coordinates the pre/post party transfers between the ship and the hotels.. and insures no one gets left behind! Jon has 6+ years travel agency experience and is a certified Caribbean Specialist and Trafalgar Tour Specialist. He also holds destination certifications for Grand Cayman, Coppenhagen, Belize, Cozumel and Germany.

Spike - AKA Demonic Mickey. Spike is Zaida's go to person for our tshirt designs, web designs, cd designs, printing designs, merchandise designs, flyers and business card designs, logo designs (aint spike one talented guy!) and anything else she finds the time to beg and harass him for. Spike also fixes the websites as Zaida crashes them rather regularly. Zaida also regularly bounces idea's off of Spike for future cruises and events. Obsviously, Spike has enough patience to put Mother Theresa to shame. On a more personal note.. Spike has also become a very good friend to Zaida and Jon since his first time out of his cave on the 2007 gothic cruise. He often sits on the phone whilst Zaida vents and has nuclear meltdowns. Thank you Spikey. You can beam me up now.

All Genre Travel requires all agents are certified travel agents and are required to hold current and updated certifications by: Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Princess, Cunard and Celebrity. 
Zaida has further certifications by another 12 cruise lines and 17 tour companies.

Zaida’s Certifications: (Certificates on File and Available for Verification) 
Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Lines, Celebrity Cruise Lines, Crystal Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines,
Cunard Cruise Lines, Holland America Lines, Trafalgar, Cosmos, Globus, Insight, Viking River Cruises, Sandals, Superclubs, 
Club Med, Disney (USA), EuroDisney. A Carnival Cruise Lines Top Agency.
This means Zaida has taken each cruise lines or tour operators certification and education course and has passed.

Destinations Specialization Training: (Certificates on File and Available for Verification)
Grand Cayman, US Virgin Islands, Cozumel, Cancun, Bahamas, Jamaica, Las Vegas, Hawaii, Tahiti, Alaska, Israel, Germany, 
Coppenhagen, Eurorail, Japan, Italy, Colorado Ski Specialist, Ireland, Scandinavia, Denmark, Belize, European River Cruising. 
Added London and Barcelona in early 2017 Currently working on: Amsterdam, Basel and Germany.
This means Zaida has taken and passed a travel agent certification program offered either through a local department of tourism or an accredited travel agent course.
All certification and destination courses have Travel/Tourism Degree credits attached to them for college equivalents through CLIA and IATA.

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