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About The Gothic Cruise


Section 14: What is Included and Not Included?

What’s included in the gothic cruise pricing?
All of the items as noted on the pricing page PLUS: 
All your food (available 24 hours a day including room service)... order as much as you like... as often as you like.
Nonalcoholic/noncarbonated beverages and nonbottled water. You will find free beverage stations at the ships buffet. Here you will find free hot and cold teas, coffee, juices and water.
All of the ships regular entertainment... such as their production shows, lounge acts, piano bar, pools, jacuzzis and more.
All of the gothic cruise official private events, concerts, parties.
A great time on the original gothic cruise!

What’s not included in the cruise fare? 
Airfare or ground transfers to the ship. Though Transfers are included when booking the precruise party. 
Optional travel insurance though recommended. 
Cruise tips of about $91pp.  These are typically added to your invoice and can be adjusted onboard. 
Gourmet coffee onboard the ship though regular coffee is included. 
Bottled water - though water packages are available and non-bottled water is free.
Optional Shore Excursions (please see our FAQ about shore excursions)
Internet Time on the ship available for nominal charges, Beauty shop and spa services however you can use the spa facilities and gym at no charge. Photography services.

Is there a booking deadline?
Yes and No. Although you can book right up to the day before departure, prices are subject to change until you are booked. We show the deadline for current pricing on the page. The closer we get to the sailing date, the higher the prices go.
Typically the ship will be sold out about a month prior to sailing.  Sometimes there is erratic availability.  However, the longer you wait to book the HIGHER the rates go. I cannot stress this enough.  Prices are ALWAYS subject to change without notice by the cruise line until you put down your deposit.   Prices can and do jump up by hundreds of dollars.



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